Any landscape is a condition of the spirit. 

All Residental & Commercial Needs
We are devoted to improving our customers’ most vital investment by exceeding their landscaping needs with trustworthiness and value. Envision quality time with family and friends, rest and relaxation, and letting us take care of the dirty work.

Your business is just as important as ours. Like any other turf, the lawn around your business requires consideration and maintenance. Our flexibility and ability to customize a lawn care program for your property allows enables your business to establish an incredible first connection.

We offer many and all lawn care and lawn service needs. Anything you need, we have! If there is something specific, feel free to ask! We also have All Bushes Landscape agreements and contracts for most of the following services:
All Bushes, Shrubs
Lawn Maintenance
We pride ourselves on our ability to make your lawn look its best with our ​​custom  lawn maintenance.

Involves mowing, weed whacking, edging, weeding all beds, and blowing down trimmings and clippings to create a sharp, clean look.

Bagging clippings will always be performed as needed.

Weeds in beds shall be pulled, sprayed or weed whacked, or a combination of all.
Spring, Summer, Fall

Trimming ALL BUSHES, shrubs, should be done twice a year, or as needed. Rule of thumb is spring and fall. 

​All sucker growth will be pruned on ALL BUSHES, trees and shrubs.
Crepe Myrtles, Ornamental Trees
Early Spring, May, April

Aeration involves puncturing the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to enter the grass roots. Aeration helps the roots grow deeply and create a stronger, more healthy lawn by improving soil,  and root growth. Aeration also opens airways for water and helps control thatch.

Aeration is typically done (1) once per year.

Ornamental Trees should be trimmed (1) once a year, preferably in December, January, or February. This includes Perennials.
Horticulture Oil Applications
Early Spring, May, April

Controlling thatch is one of the most important parts of lawn maintenance. Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that accumulates between the soil surface and the green grass blades above. Overgrowth of thatch can form a  thick mat, preventing water and air from reaching the soil. 
Late Fall - Early Spring

The use of horticulture oils, is an efficient way of eliminating any pest or disease issues. Many people struggle to control garden pests such as spider mites, scales, aphids, whiteflies, slugs and snails. 

Horticulure application are typically done from late fall - early spring.
Mulch, Pine Straw, Stone, or other
All Seasons Clean-up
Seasonal clean-ups are an essential component of your landscape maintenance plan.

We prepare your landscape in the spring for the warm summer months, as well as prepare it for the cooler temperatures and dormant months that fall brings.

We pick up leaves and any other debris each week to keep your lawn in-tact and looking clean! 

Cleanups are always included in our service agreements unless there is a hurricane or tropical storm. 
Installation of these materials can be installed at any time, however, we recommend during spring and sometimes fall.

  • Mulch is installed for $75.00 per yard.
  • Pine straw is $9.00 per bail installed.
Agronomic Program
Rye Grass
Perennial ryegrass is a cool-season grass, meaning it peaks in growth from fall through spring.

Ryegrass creates a temporary green lawn for winter months, and then dies out when southern heat returns and warm-season grasses turn green again.

It keeps your lawn green all year!

Pricing depends on number of bags needed.
7 Applications.

Please see Pre-emergants, Post-emergents, Insecticides below. 

Pre-emergants, Post-emergents, Insecticides
Pressure Washing
Pressure washing is essential in keeping your property looking as good as new! Over time, dirt and grime builds up on windows, houses, decks, concrete, etc. Here at All Bushes, nearly any surface or space can be pressure washed!

Pressure washing can be done at any time during the year but it is preferable in the winter months.

Pre-emergants, post-emergents, and Insecticides should be used to control weeds, insects and disease. Slow release fertilizer should also be used.

  • Agronomic Program: 7 rounds
  • Aeration: (1) Once per year
  • Fertilizing trees as needed
  • Grubs and Mole Crickets: (1) Once per year (MAY)
  • 1 treatment on shrubbery for insect and scale. (Horticulture Oil)
  • 1 treatment on shrubbery for disease. (Horticulture Oil)
  • Fertilizing shrubbery: as needed
  • Insect and grub-control will be done 1 time per year.
Tree/Chainsaw Work
Hurricanes/Tropical Storms
We do have 20 years of experience in this field and will price any tree removal job or chainsaw work when needed. Tree service is typically subbed out if too big.
Due to the extreme conditions that are brought on by these storms, cleanups will start at $500.00 and will be priced according to damage of storm.
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